Who we are:

International Development Center is a Center for training, developing, consulting, making common and specialized strategies. It is a Center based on thought, vision and mission of a special character, where the Center seeks to provide training, consultancy services, development of strategies, staff development and quality control with the latest training methods in line with the global standards in order to meet all the strategic requirements in an environment based on modern knowledge and that is through the most distinct trainers in various specialties in the Arab world and worldwide. The Center also aims to provide the usual training services, but by using a trendy modern style that blends theoretical training supplied with professional and practical applications through professionals commissioned by software companies and programmers of globally advanced programs.

So we set our goals to reach the highest level of quality, creativity and development excellence to the customers and participants.



The establishment of the Center is considered a unique idea in terms of the objectives, programs, activities, bodies and groups that it targets. The Center seeks to provide a variety of different and varied activities and integrated training characterized by professionalism and being vocational in accordance with the latest international standards in all its adopted practices. The Center also seeks to increase the number of trainees through the expansion of targeting all the local and external components of the environment, and it aspires to cooperate with international programs producing companies and institutions through the introduction trainers who are certified at companies or the producing institutions in order to access to professionalism in the performance or send employees of the entities that wish to develop to the producing bodies to obtain the honor of learning from the main stream and have the authentic information from them.

Our role:

Meeting the dire needs of our communities for quality control, planning and qualifying and development of various cadres in all disciplines is an important step for the development of our society and keep abreast of contemporary developments in the world and keep up to keep pace of the contemporary and modern evolution. So we cannot lose sight of this rapid development, which led the other societies to walk at high speed and to progress in various fields.


Our Vision:

Our mission is a connecting link between all that is new and practical in this civilized world and between our societies aspiring to the latest training and qualifying sciences and quality control; making it in the ranks of high-end and advanced societies.

We also aspire for our Center to be a center of excellence at the global level in the service of government and private sectors in the areas of training, education, making strategies, evaluate the performance and quality control through training and education provision at a distinct level.

We employ our expertise and capabilities as well to serve all the various governmental and private sectors aiming to cooperate to reach global performance, hence raising the competitiveness of enterprises to provide outstanding services and products under various contemporary global challenges.

Our Mission:

Our mission in the International Development Center is to provide specialized expertise that had derived its experience from direct contact with global institutions and professional bodies providing it to the bodies that demand training and consulting services.

We employ our diverse expertise and capabilities in the International Development Center to serve all the public and private sectors around the world in order to cooperate to reach global performance, including raising the competitiveness of enterprises and provide outstanding services and products on the light of the global challenges.

Our Goals:

  • Cooperation with international, regional and local institutions in the development of strategies, training, qualifying, development and quality control.
  • Putting forward training and qualifying programs that meet the needs of the labor market, which would provide new job opportunities for youth and unique cadres having high energy and abilities.
  • Raise the efficiency and performance of staff and workers in the various areas needed in the private or government sector.
  • Qualifying secondary schools and university graduates and directing them to studies that conform to the needs and requirements of the labor market.
  • Contribute to the preparation of a privileged generation able to promote development.
  • Establishment of a global academy that includes various disciplines.